Y.O.U.R Provides advertisement packages as well for Social Media, E-Mail, Banners, Flyers, Postcards and Online Sites. Contacts Us for Sample Package built for your brand.

NAMEType Reach Price
Social Media PackageVideo5000+$375
Social Media PackageSlide with Media5000+$325
Social Media Package + Social ManagementSlide, Media, Vid15000+$1100
Social Media Management Slide+Statuses & Reply+ Ads10000+Based on Followers$520
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Table Fees 

Booth Fees 
Non-Profits eligible for 10% discount for state tax exemption. Veteran business owners receive 15% off discount on rental fees and extra advertisement perk when participating in events. Any children activity like business that participates such as game bus receives a free photography package from the event.

NAME Time AdvertisementPrice
Long Table FrontWhole EventBanner+ Flyers$230
Long Table FrontWhole EventBanner+Flyer+Radio$250
Medium TableWhole EventBanner+ Flyer$185
Medium TableWhole EventBanner+Flyer+Radio$200
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