Paid Services Provided

Services provided through Y.O.U.R's Ready to Work program are guaranteed to be the best provided and the best for your wallet. This is another way for you to support our mission.


Web Development

Custom built websites guaranteed to be functional and high quality. First time customers receive a significant discount. Will also include hosting, domain (1st year), SSL, upkeep and updates.

Trash and Debris Pickup

Need an office cleaned up, home, apartment and or large trash pickup No problem! Y.O.U.R has you covered. Flat rates and contracts availible.

Content Management 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat


Need a sink installed or something painted? Call us today!

Technical Support

Apple experts & PC experts with certifications on call when you need them

Business Startup Assistance

Are you in need of business advice, business credit advice or even paperwork completed to start your business? Call our legal team today and ask about our new customer special.


$ 200 Flat Fee

  • Tax Deductible

House 1-2 Bedroom

$ 200 Flat Fee

  • Tax Deductible

House 3 Bedrooms +

$ 300 + Flat Fee
  • Rate is negotiable but no less than $300
  • Tax Deductible

Large Trash Pickup

$ 100 Per Pickup
  • Contract options 
  • available!

811 9th Street
DURHAM, NC 27705


Phone: +1 919 973 1002                    
Fax: +800-859-9630

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