Y.O.U.R Ready 2 Work

"Building strong work ethics and strong entrepreneurs." 

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Youth Overcoming Underprivileged Realities Ready 2 Work Program is the first program we began developing in 2016. By compiling years of research and experience a program built for success was born.

  1. Career Ethics- 2 Week course given to participants on Career Ethics, what it means to be hire-able, Career Driven choices, Economics and Resume Building.
  2. Certification Courses & Work Hours - Participants are employed as contractors in one of our Ready to Serve areas for 24 weeks. The decision of placement is based on aptitude testing and participant preference*. Participants have the option to also use work hours towards a certification voucher and savings program. Certifications will be provided for different industries based on availability. 
  3. Saving for the Future - During the employment phase a savings deduction is placed in a savings account for the participant. The deduction is matched by the organization. Participant creates a goal to save for and at the end of the program the savings account funds are put towards that goal. This could be transportation, better housing and or anything to improve the participants life. If participant decided on an entrepreneurs path a business plan will be developed and the funds will go towards jumpstarting the business.

3 Point Plan 

Y.O.U.R developed the 3 Point Plan in order to change lives and give a hand up to those willing to take it.



The first step in a life changing plan is to educate yourself on the steps that will create real change and long term solutions. 



Once you're educated on topics required it's time to plan your attack. Even the easiest of paths can be strayed away from due to lack of planning.



Once the plan is laid it's time to execute. However this time the plan is executed with an army of support.  


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